The Biggest Reasons Couples And Families Fight During A Vacation

June 28, 2019

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Summer is known for hot days, bugs and vacations.  While we tend to enjoy our days away from "the norm," occasional disagreements occur and according to a recent survey the biggest conflict between couples on vacation is work. 44% of respondents said they have gotten into an argument with a spouse or significant other about working too much during vacation. The biggest culprit of working on vacation, with 45% of people agreeing, is checking in with the office multiple times a day while on vacation. Sadly not only of the 1,070 people surveyed said they totally disconnected from work during vacation. Vacation is supposed to relieve stress, but the number one reason people said they were checking in was “putting out fires” at the office (47%), followed by worries about increased workloads upon returning to work (29%). 19% of people surveyed said it was because they enjoyed working. In a world where we’re constantly connected, it can be hard to unplug: While 95% of people surveyed said they intended on taking a vacation that was at least one week long, 65% said they’ve had to cut a vacation short because of pressure from work.

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SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens

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