Men Prefer Chores Over Work

September 17, 2018

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While women still are the ones who do more household chores then men, regardless of either the man's or woman's career or income, times are changing and men are finding chores are more satisfying then their careers. A survey of 4,000 people were asked to rate their enjoyment of daily activities over a weekday and weekend day. On a scale of one to seven – with seven enjoying something "Very Much", housework came in at 4.5 for men, above 4.4 for their paid job. On the other hand women graded housework at 4.4, below an enjoyment score of 4.5 for work. While men tend to enjoy chores, the survey found men do less scrubbing and more DIY when it comes to housework, while women spend more time on dreary chores. The survey found both sexes rated activities such as socializing, caring for others, doing volunteer work and cultural events as more enjoyable than paid work, typically scoring them six out of seven.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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