Coffee Linked To Lower Risk Of Rosacea

October 18, 2018


Coffee has been linked with combating heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and depression. Now it appears to do wonders to the outside of your body too! Drinking four cups of coffee every day could decrease your risk of rosacea, a new study has revealed. Researchers say that those who drank multiple servings decreased their odds of having the inflammatory skin disease by 20% compared to those who had a cup of Joe once per month. Rosacea is a common chronic disease that causes the skin to appear red and flushed. It is believed to affect as many as 16 million Americans and dermatologists are still not sure what causes the condition but theorize it could be due to abnormalities in blood vessels of the face or even bacteria in the gut that triggers production of a compound that causes blood vessels to dilate. Researchers are not sure why there is a decreased risk that comes with drinking coffee, but they hypothesize that because caffeine narrows blood vessels, this reduces redness in the face. Coffee also contains anti-inflammatory compounds, which may also decrease the risk, but the team says more studies are needed. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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