Five Foods That Might Help You Live Longer

August 15, 2019

We only get one chance at life, so why not live as long as possible?  What we eat and drink can impact our likelihood of dying from cancer and heart disease. A study of more than 53,000 Danish adults over 23 years reveals that consuming items containing flavonoids, a type of plant-based bioactive compound, may reduce your risk of dying from heart disease and cancer. This was particularly true of people who smoked and drank more than two alcoholic beverages a day. So how much do you need to consume to reap those benefits? About 500 mg of a variety of flavonoid-rich foods, such as one cup of tea, one apple, one orange, 100 grams of blueberries and 100 grams of broccoli. Flavonoids are found in all plant-based foods and beverages. They are particularly high in fruit, tea, dark chocolate, soya products and red wine. Researchers were quick to point out that flavonoid consumption does not counteract all of the increased risk of death caused by smoking and high alcohol consumption. By far the best thing to do for your health is to quit smoking and cut down on alcohol.

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SOURCE: Moneyish

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