Liars Tend To Be Male, Rich And Living In America

April 4, 2019

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Apparently there's an epidemic of pants-on-fire! A study surveyed 40,000 15-year old teens from 9 countries and found that boys lie more often than girls. It also found that children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds tended to lie more often than those from lower ones and North Americans appear to lie the most in the English-speaking world! Researchers reached this conclusion after the teens were given a list of 16 math concepts and asked how familiar they were with them. The responses were on a scale of "never heard of it" to "know it well, understand the concept." The team even threw in three completely made-up concepts to see how teens would respond. They found that male participants were much more likely to fabricate about their knowledge of the fake constructs than their female counterparts. This holds true for respondents from all nine countries, although the gender gap is significantly weaker in North America than Europe. To the contrary, respondents from Northern Ireland and Scotland were more honest in their responses. The researchers suggest, teens from affluent families may also be under additional pressure to pretend competence, especially since they're more likely to get away with it. As to why liars seem to reside more in North America than elsewhere in eh world, the researchers believe America is a positive place because it's an artificial population full of people with dreams and aspirations, while other English-speaking countries are more pessimistic.

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SOURCE: Mother Natuer Network

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