Parents Lose Sleep Up To Six Years After Bringing Home A Newborn

March 1, 2019

© Sebastian Czapnik | Dreamstime

It's no secret that new parents get little sleep during the first few months after welcoming home their family's latest addition.  However it may take up to six years for parents to get back into their regular sleeping habits! The report look at over 4,000 new mothers and fathers of their first, second or third child what they found that mothers sleep an hour less in the first three months after giving birth, and fathers slept 15 minutes less than pre-pregnancy levels. What was shocking is that six years after giving birth, mothers still slept 20 minutes less and fathers were still deprived of 15 minutes. The effects were also stronger for mothers who were breastfeeding compared with bottle-feeding mothers. They also concluded that lower-income household families and single parents were not any more affected compared to higher income households and dual parent families.

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