This Is How Often You Should Weigh Yourself

November 8, 2018

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The battle between you and your bathroom scale can be hurtful and rewarding; all in the same day!  While researchers agree that it's not healthy to obsess about numbers when it comes to weight loss, it appears that people who weight themselves every day are more likely to lose weight.  The study involved those who either weighted themselves once a week or in a combination of 2-7 days and those who weight themselves daily.  It found those who weigh themselves once a week did not lose any weight. However, those who weighed themselves six to seven times a week lost an average of 1.7 percent of their body weight. According to the study's authors, the results show that "monitoring your behavior or body weight may increase your awareness of how changing behaviors can affect weight loss. These findings support the central role of self-monitoring in changing behavior and increasing success in any attempt to better manage weight."

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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