Bad Habits That Can Boost Your Career

October 30, 2018

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While we try to rid ourselves of bad habits, some of them may be beneficial in the office. Procrastinating, gum chewing and complaining are all glaring faux pas at the office, but they could be signs that you’re smarter than you think. Waiting until the last minute to finish a project or deadline is stress inducing, no doubt and around 20% of people claim to do it chronically, but there are some benefits as it may actually boost your creativity. Researchers found that when procrastinators start working on a task and then do something else while the original project is still in the back of their minds, they’re able to form new ideas and solutions. Procrastinators who postpone work are also said to be more in control of their time and use it with better intent without worrying about missing deadlines. If you have to make a major business decision, it’s best to figure out how long you have to make it and then wait until the last minute to do it, according to a study. This will eliminate the back and forth of grappling with the decision and promote going with your initial instinct. Complaining can get you what you want at work. However there is a correct way to gripe and it doesn't involve whining. Strategically complaining to those who have the power to fix the problem is more effective than just venting to a friend, even though it feels good. Present the issue in a non-accusatory way and simply state why it’s a problem. Then, tell the person, perhaps your boss, that anything they do to minimize the issue would be very much appreciated and ask what you can do to help. Gum chewing can help you stay alert. A recent study found that people who chomped on gum performed better on an intelligence test than people who didn’t, so keep a fresh pack near your desk next time you have an important project.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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