Unfair Ways Your Appearance Can Affect Your Career & How To Overcome Them

April 15, 2019

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Nothing in life is fair, even when it comes to your appearance.  While we say what's in the inside that counts, there's a good chance you are subconsciously judging someone solely on their appearance. For example a recent study concluded that unattractive scientists are viewed as dull but talented. People reported more interest in the research of scientists who appear competent, moral, and attractive but when judging whether a researcher does “good science,” people again preferred scientists who look competent and moral, but also favored less sociable and more physically unattractive individuals. Another study found that if you an attractive person, you're less likely to get a boring job. It is well-established in several studies that if two candidates are otherwise equal, then most people, consciously or not, are going to hire the one that is more attractive. This trend appears to come from the assumption that attractive people expect better outcomes in their lives, and thus would soon grow dissatisfied with mundane work. Attractive people are more likely to be hired if they're viewed as someone to collaborate with, while unattractive people are more likely to be hired if they're viewed as competition. The study found evidence that if you are in a competition setting, such as a salesperson, we view the less attractive person as less of a threat to our own success.  Sadly, society tends to favor taller men and thinner women. In this study, it found that for every three inches taller men are, they make an average of $2,000 more per year. For every 14 extra pounds a woman weighs, they will lose out on $2000 a year. While stereotypes are hard to break and can be detrimental to many, since many of these traits are out of our control, being aware of now our minds work can prepare you to address them.  If you are not a beauty queen, you can notch up with your track record of success. If you are not a tall person, you can wow them with your witty personality. Your confidence controls the room once you get your foot past the stereotype door. Now that you are aware of how the mind works, use it to your advantage!

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