Stressed Dog Owners End Up Raising Pets That Behaved Badly

September 20, 2018

© Sergey Lavrentev | Dreamstime

The closeness dog have to humans dates back millennia and is such a close relationship that we can influence one another's temperament. According to a new study, happy owners tend to have the happiest dogs, while stressed out owners tend to have dogs with behavioral problems.  The small study looked at 76 dog owners, 36 of which said their pet had 'separation-related behaviors’ and 40 who claimed their dog was well behaved –even when they were out of the house. The researchers looked at the relationship between pet and owner, then compared this with the behavior exhibited by the animal. They found that owners with higher levels of stress may not have a relaxed relationship with their dogs, which can contribute to their annoyance about their dogs' behavior, so they spend less time with them, increasing the anxiety in the dogs. In other words dogs are ill-behaved because stressed owners react badly to their dogs misdeeds and do not have the time needed to train them. These diagnoses were not formally made or verified by a vet.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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