The Stranger Things Demogorgon Lawn Sprinkler

July 26, 2019

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The 1980s have never been more alive thanks, in part, to Netflix’s Stranger Things science fiction horror series. Some fans watch a show and then talk about it. Others develop far-out theories. But some fans go even further than that, such as a lawn water sprinkler. BigMouth Inc. revealed its massive Stranger Things-inspired, inflatable Demogorgon sprinkler, which is now available for any fan to purchase. Once inflated, it stands 6 feet tall and can be connected to any standard hose, allowing it to spurt water from its horrifying, teeth-filled open face to hydrate your hydrangeas!  But if you want a less flashy way to show off your Stranger Things fandom this summer, BigMouth Inc. also sells a plethora of other novelty items based on the show, like an Upside Down-themed pool tube, Scoops Ahoy floating cupholders, and a float based on one of Eleven’s trademark waffles. You can find them at Target and online both at Target and Amazon. This marks the latest in a series of collaborations for the hugely successful Netflix series. Prior to its release, Stranger Things teamed with both H&M and Nike to release clothing and shoes inspired by the series. It also collaborated with Coca-Cola to produce a limited edition collection of New Coke cans inspired by a moment in the third season.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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