Store Silver With A Piece Of Chalk

December 24, 2019

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Christmas is one of those special occasions where you bring out the best dinnerware and spend a good amount of time polishing up the silverware. Silver tarnishes as a result of a chemical reaction between the silver and sulfur, which is a lot more common in your everyday environment than you think. Sulfur is found in air, water, wool, felt, and even rubber. While tarnish can’t be washed off with soap and water, it can be polished away — but it’s still smart to avoid it when you can. To keep your silver in the best shape possible, wrap each piece of silver in either acid-free tissue paper or unbleached cotton muslin. Once everything is wrapped, put it in a plastic bag, ideally a zip-top bag that reseals or a box lined with soft cotton (just make sure it’s unbleached). But before you store it for the next special occasion, put a piece of regular chalk in the bag or box with your silver! Storing silver with a piece or two of chalk helps absorb moisture from accumulating in the bag, which, in turn, can prevent tarnishing. Because the silver is wrapped anyway, you won’t have to worry about the chalk coming into contact with it — just sit back and let it do its work.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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