Stop Force-Closing Your Phone Apps

September 11, 2019

Apple held its annual September announcement extravaganza of updates yesterday, making it known that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max, 5th generation Watch, sixth-generation iPad a subscription-based gaming arcade and an Apple TV Network are on their way.  But no matter which version of phone you have (or will get), we're stuck in an old habit.  Force-closing apps when we are finished using them.  A few years ago experts told to do this to conserve battery life and to make the phone work faster. But as we learned the once-healthy cigarettes were bad, force-closing apps to save battery or help the phone work faster is not accurate and in fact can have the opposite effect. When you finish using an app, your phone essentially freezes the screen and no longer uses energy to keep it active.  The benefit of this is when you re-open the app, your phone simply unfreezes the screen and picks up where you left off.  But when you force-close apps, the phone completely shuts down the app, so when you re-launch it, it will consume energy to connect to the app and receive screen data.  So it actually causes you to use more battery power when you open it from being completely shut down. As for the iPhone 11, pre-orders begin Friday (9/13) with shipments beginning next Friday (9/20). 

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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