Create Big Savings Using The $5 System

January 16, 2019

© Iodrakon | Dreamstime

Putting money into a savings account can be tough when paychecks are squeezed for every cent.  However there is one brilliant and very easy method that will add funds in to your account.  Here it is: Take every $5 bill you come across and pocket it. It's small enough to not miss it, but large enough to add up quickly. Blogger Marie Campagna Franklin says her $5 savings system has netted her $42,000 in savings over the years and encourages everyone to try the method since $5 isn't large enough to be terribly missed from your wallet and large enough to make a difference in a fairly short amount of time. She says her system only works if you pay for everyday purchases with cash and you must commit to not splurge the cash and to be patient.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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