Star Trek Swimwear

May 30, 2019

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Set phasers to stunning!  Now you can rock the pool deck in a one-piece women’s bathing suits modeled after Star Trek: The Next Generation-era Starfleet uniform! The swimwear comes in three colors: blue, gold, and red, which correspond to the three departments of Starfleet crew members (sciences, operations, and command). The designers draped collar pips down the right shoulder, so the $59.99 price tag includes the rank of captain for red and gold buyers, and commander for blue. The “Trekini Swimwear” line also includes a two-piece bathing suit inspired by the original series and board shorts for men inspired by TNG and another from the original series. The online retailer, Think Geek, sells them all and the good news is they're all on sale! Pool party and prosper!

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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