Portable Camera Detector locates Hidden Cameras And Perfect For Your Next Hotel Stay

November 12, 2018

© James Steidl | Dreamstime

There have been a number of stories recently of hidden cameras found in hotels, bathrooms and even Airbnb homes that spy on unsuspecting victims.  It is a horrifying experience that no one should go through and thanks to Spy Associates, a maker of surveillance and privacy protection products, you no longer have to worry it will happen to you. The company has designed a portable camera detector you can use to sweep a room to find hidden cameras. The SpyFinder Pro Hidden Camera Detector uses LED strobe lights to ferret out the reflective surfaces of various kinds of cameras. The company says the gadget works even when cameras are undetectable to the human eye, and even when they're turned off or non-functioning. Simply look through the viewfinder while pushing the button on top and peering around the room. If there's a camera, the area it's hidden in will start blinking through the viewfinder. The company is offering a discount through its Kickstarter campaign of $198 if you order by November 24th with your detector arriving in December. Once the fundraising campaign ends, it will be available on SpyAssociates.com for $248. Find out mor and order HERE.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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