Spotting A Fake Product Review

September 24, 2018

Illustration 97199800 © Suthee Navakul -

Much like fake news, fake reviews are rampant online and attempting to filter out the real ones can be tough.  84% of consumers say they can’t always spot a fake review. So here are some signs that an online review may be fake. Look for overuse of “I” and “me” and a lot of verbs. According to research from Cornell University, online reviews that frequently use “I” and “me” are more likely to be fake than those that don’t, possibly because when people are lying they try to make themselves sound credible by using personal pronouns. Additionally, “deceivers use more verbs and truth-tellers use more nouns,” the research found. Look for phrase repetition. If several reviews seem to use the same words and phrases, it most likely fake as the fraudsters have been instructed to use those phrases. Watch out for generic names and/or photo-less profiles. John Smith with no photo is probably a fake! Examine the timing of reviews. If there is a spike in the total number of reviews during a very short time frame. This can indicate a targeted campaign to add new artificial reviews. When in doubt, reach out. Reach out directly to the reviewer with questions about their review. Most fake reviewers will not respond, but real reviewers often look forward to opportunities to be more helpful.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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