SPF Moisturizers Not As Effective As Traditional Sunscreen

April 10, 2019

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Many people rely on SPF moisturizers to keep their skin hydrated, reduce their risk of cancer and keep them looking young. But a study suggests these lotions may fail to protect us against skin cancer. Researchers found that nearly 17% (16.6%) of the face is missed when we apply creams with added SPF, compared to just 11% of the face being missed when using conventional sunscreen. Although daytime moisturizers with added SPF are convenient, the researchers worry these are not being applied in a way that provides 'sufficient protection'. In thinking SPF moisturizers are protecting faces, people are opting to be exposed for longer periods in the sun without the added protection of a sunscreen. Eyelids were the most forgotten, with 20.9 per cent of the delicate area being missed when moisturizer was applied and 14 per cent missed when sunscreen was used. Other areas missed include the corner of their eyes and their nose. The findings were concerning given that skin cancers most commonly occur on the head and neck and the area between the eyelid and the nose is particularly vulnerable to basal cell carcinoma, making up more than 80% of cases.  Because these areas are vulnerable, researchers suggest alternative methods of protecting the eyelids should be considered such as UV filter sunglasses and to use a separate sunscreen when planning long periods of sun exposure.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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