Social Security Interactive Websites Displays The Most Popular Names

June 19, 2019

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Baby names can be just as in vogue, as unpopular, and occasionally as controversial as any fashion trend. If you were ever curious to see which names were the most popular in your home state, now you can. The Social Security Administration has an interactive tool on its website that allows users to see the top 100 names that made it onto birth certificates by both birth year and state. Liam and Isabella were the most popular names for boys and girls last year in Florida, with 1,428 boys and 1,262 girls sharing the same name.  You can also seek out popular names based on your birth year. 40 years ago, there were 2,248 Michaels and 2,100 Jennifers born in the Sunshine State. There’s even a decade setting which gives the 200 most popular boy and girl names. Jacob, Michael, Joshua Matthew and Daniel were the most popular names for babies born in the 2000s. Emily, Madison, Emma, Olivia and Hannah were tops for girls born in the 2000s. Each of the names on the website were taken from Social Security applications. There are certain credentials by which names are listed, including the name being at least two characters long. Although it is not provided by the tool, records kept by the administration list the most popular names as far back as the 1880s. CLICK HERE to begin. 

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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