Sneaky Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

November 1, 2019



Welcome to November!  By the end of this month, our bellies will be stuffed with Thanksgiving and our sights will be focused on Christmas.  But with just three paychecks left until the big day, a little help in stretching your dollar a little further is always appreciated! So here are some sneaky ways to save some money when shopping online. Abandon your cart. It's fairly common for people to put items in their cart and never actually purchase them. In fact, around 70% of people change their minds before checkout and never follow through with purchasing. Some retailer will entice you to follow through by emailing you a coupon for an item in your cart, or notify you if the item’s price has gone down. Sign up for the email list, especially if it's a new-to-you store as more often than not, you’ll find a small welcome offer from that brand within a day or two of signing up. Sign up for the text list. Retailers tend to send their best discounts to text list members. That’s because text messages have a 98% open rate, he said, and there’s no spam folder for them to get filtered into. You may not feel compelled to get sale texts forever, but signing up for a few weeks could help you get a nice discount on your next purchase. Then, of course, you can unsubscribe. Enlist a student’s help. College students generally get big savings while in school, so enlist them (or your college-attending child) to score the discount. You can transfer the funds to them electronically and enjoy the savings yourself.

SOURCE: Two Cents

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