Selfie Filters Leading Many To Seek Out Plastic Surgery

August 10, 2018


While more professional photographers work to stop editing imperfections out of photographs, it appears some people are seeking help from plastic surgeons to look more like their selfies.  A newly coined term, Snapchat dysmorphia, is an growing trend that has medical professional very concerned.  Potential plastic surgery patients are no longer asking to look like celebrities, but now are more likely to use their own filtered selfies as reason to go under the knife for "fuller lips, bigger eyes, or a thinner nose." According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 55% of surgeons reported seeing plastic surgery patients who wanted procedures to improve how they looked in selfies in 2017, versus 42% in 2016.  The availability of social media filters on Snapchat, Instagram, Facetune and other filtering platforms create an unrealistic and often unattainable standard of beauty with people self-editing on their phones is likely contributing to rising body issue anxieties among young people.


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