Sleep Texting Is A Real Thing And You May Be Doing It Without Knowing it

December 6, 2018

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

If you check your phone in the morning to see a text you don't remember sending, you are not alone. New research suggests that sleep texting is on the rise, especially in young people. Researchers took a look at a group of university students and found nearly 26% of them reported texting in their sleep. Of those students, 72% said they didn’t remember sleep texting, and 25% could remember what they had texting. Sleep texting tends to happen right before someone is actually asleep, when they’re drifting in and out of consciousness, and the study found that most of the messages make no sense. That's because sleep texting is a form of Parasomnia, a broad category that encompasses a number of sleep disorders including sleepwalking or sleep eating and that occurs during the REM stage of sleep. In essence parts of your brain are working and others are not. So some of your regular activates, such as texting, are completed almost on autopilot.  But not to worry about sending secrets when text sleeping, as the messages you send when semi-conscious are ‘largely nonsense. But if you want to prevent such messages when sleep, experts say to make it difficult to access your phone. So keep it away from your bed and within reach. Also plan a daily detox of your phone an hour or two before bed.


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