The Key To A Lasting Marriage May Be In Separate Beds

December 30, 2019

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Many people will give you advice for a happy marriage but one survey says the true way to keep love forever is to sleep in separate beds. A recent survey found one in six couples has resorted to sleeping apart not because they can’t stand each other, but because they’re desperate for a decent night’s sleep. One party’s snoring, fidgeting, or simply the fact that they crawl in at midnight when the other person bedded down hours before, can leave couples craving what’s been emotively dubbed a ‘sleep divorce’. Further backing the idea of separate beds is Dr Neil Stanley, who has been conducting sleep research for 35 years. In 2005, he co-authored a study in which couples wore a device as they slept that monitored waking and motion: the results showed that when one partner stirred, the other did, too. ‘In fact, a third of your sleep disturbance is caused by your partner,’ he says. The impact of this disturbance on your health, and the health of your relationship, can be huge. Research also suggests those who sleep poorly have higher rates of divorce — and if a person sleeps badly, they lack empathy and are more argumentative. But it's not just separate beds as more custom homes are being built with two mater suites for couples to have their own bed in their own bedroom.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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