Six Sneaky Spending Habits That Cost You A Lot

March 14, 2019

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When thinking about a budget, it's easy to only think about the big expenditures such as rent/mortgage, food and utilities.  But there are some small yet sneaky ways you can lose sight of and end up costing you more than you would've imagined.  For instance, subscriptions.  Autopay has made subscriptions super sneaky. While it sounds like a great deal to pay $10 a month for Netflix, but when you have three streaming services, a few magazines, a clothing or pet-supply subscription box, cloud storage fees, and a regular supply of toothbrush heads or vitamins coming your way every few weeks, the money starts to add up. Assess all those monthly charges regularly to make sure that you’re actually getting your money’s worth, and not shelling out hundreds of dollars a year for services you don’t really use. Delivery charges can add up quickly. That extra cost may seem worth it when you’re sitting in your pajamas on the couch, but if you’re ordering take-out food regularly, it can have a major impact on your budget. According to a recent study on credit cards, the average annual fee is more than $80. If your credit card is charging you an annual fee, consider switching to one that doesn’t. The days of heading to Blockbuster and Movie Gallery to rent a movie are long gone but we can still rent movies and the ease of order is what makes them dangerous. Be aware of how often you’re renting, and look for ways to lower your movie budget, whether that’s finding movies that are already part of the streaming packages you pay for each month or opting for the standard-definition version instead of the HD version. An afternoon coffee is a great pick me up and a nice treat for you. But $5-$10 in addition to the $5-$10 you already sent on coffee this morning can really add up. Try taking an afternoon walk, which in many cases does the job of coffee and it's free. While the difference between buying name-brand lotion or toothpaste and the generic alternative might seem minimal, depending on how many products you’re buying each month, the cost can add up. Considering some store-brand items are manufactured by the very same companies that sell the more expensive brand-name products, you’re really just paying more money for the same formulas in prettier packaging. Consider switching to a few generics and see if you can tell the difference.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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