Signs You Need A Break From Your Partner

October 15, 2018


Even the most in-love couple needs a little space apart from time to time. No matter how in love you are, making time for yourself is really important and recognizing the signs you need space from your partner is healthy for you and your relationship.  One sign is that everything your partner does annoys you. If you find yourself constantly annoyed by everything your partner does, then there's a solid chance that it's time to take a step back. When you push past our own self-care boundaries, everything our partner does will get on our nerves. Another classic sign is you lash out at them. Letting your partner know that you need some space can be tough, so instead, many of us try to keep quiet about our urges to fly solo. But keeping your feelings bottled up makes it easier to take out your frustrations on your sweetie, which can result in more hurt and confusion in the end. Finally if being around them makes you feel short-tempered and irritable. If you find yourself feeling tense around your partner for no reason, then it could be a sign that it's time to have a conversation about your need for space. It's important to be direct with your partner about how you're feeling. Communication is essential to a healthy relationship, so there's nothing wrong with making more time for yourself as long as you let your partner know, so they aren't in the dark about your needs. A good partner will be supportive and understanding, so don't be afraid to be honest.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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