Signs That You Are Exercising Too Much

July 31, 2019


Although many Americans still are not heeding the warnings of an inactive lifestyle, there are those who are at the other end of the spectrum.  But with most things in life, too much of one thing is just as bad as not enough. Over-exercising is not a myth and can be seriously dangerous. Not allowing your body to rest can also lead to incomplete workouts that actually cause more harm than good. Some signs that you are overdoing it with your workout is if you are constantly thirsty even after several glasses or bottles of water. Exercising breaks down muscle tissue and rebuilds it, which strengthens you but also dehydrates your body.  If you are exercising every day and constantly thirsty, you may want to think about cutting down on your routine. Mood swings are a sign too. Exercise releases endorphins that causes a sense of euphoria. However, over exercising can have the reverse effect. Constant exercise can impact the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine which results in a hormonal imbalance that sees mood swings and irritability. Trouble sleeping can be the result of too much exercise as the sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive as it assumes it is required to constantly provide energy to the body. This can cause restlessness and the inability to focus on anything for a substantial amount of time. Too much exercise can weaken the immune system as your body is in a constant state of fatigue with insufficient time to recover from intense exercise. And if you If you experience a decline in motivation to work out, it could be your body telling you to rest. Take a few days off until you begin to miss exercising and try to nix up your routine with workouts that you have not previously tried. Ultimately it’s all about listening to your body. If you’re aching and tired and just not up to it, take a day off.

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