Signs That You Are A Boring Person

June 21, 2019

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People just won't come out and tell you that you're boring, but how can you self-evaluate your boredom factor? Well there are key factors for you to consider. Your listening skills for one.  Being un-boring isn’t just about saying all the interesting things that pop in your head. It’s about being a true participant in the conversation. That means actively listening to what the other person is saying rather than day-dreaming about how you can cut in to steer the conversation back to you. Curiosity is your friend here, too. People know you’re listening—and are genuinely interested in what they’re saying—when you ask sincere follow-up questions. It is important to take turns in conversations.  So if you find yourself either totally dominating a conversation or sort of mumbling our way through, it's a sign you are boring. You don’t need to divulge every last deep, dark secret in order to be interesting, but allowing yourself to become vulnerable on occasion by sharing fears or anxieties builds emotional bridges with others. If you’re too walled off, it may be hard for others to connect with you in conversation. It also doesn’t hurt to have a couple of go-to stories or questions you can pull out from time to time if you feel the conversation screeching to a halt. Finally your body language. If they're constantly checking their phone, glancing around the room or just generally seem distracted or disinterested, you are boring. Watch for signs that your current topic has overstayed its welcome. In other words, do people seem to want to be around you? If they do, you’re probably not boring. Psychologist Barbara Greenberg has created a short questionnaire at Psychology Today that you can take to determine whether you’re boring the people around you. CLICK HERE to begin.

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