Signs Someone is Untrustworthy

March 26, 2019

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Trust is a hard thing to earn from someone and when we feel our trust is abused, it's nearly impossible for us to allow trust to that person again.  But how can you tell if someone is trustworthy?  Body language experts offer some red flags to be aware of in determining if someone is trustworthy. Pay attention to is how consistent their behavior is when you introduce certain topics. Can you talk about anything without them acting strangely? If their baseline behavior changes around certain topics (such as cheating), that's actually a red flag that they're hiding something. While our phone is full of very personal information, if someone is being overprotective about phone privacy, that's a warning sign they're probably not trustworthy. The old says is true, once a liar, always a liar. While people can change this behavior for the good, it is important to look at body language. If you ask a question that take a few seconds for a reply, or say "what," like they didn't hear the question you asked (but you know they heard it) that's a red flag. The pausing and stalling is buying them time to make up an acceptable answer. Not all of the signs that someone is not trustworthy come down to intentional deception. Sometimes it's about them just being unreliable. One way you can spot this is in a lack of self-awareness. Someone that is untrustworthy sometimes acts in the opposite of how they perceive themselves. For example, someone who constantly describes themselves as drama-free, but has a cyclone of drama around them and is enabling the drama. In other words, if someone is their own unreliable narrator, that's a red flag. Finally a clear sign of someone who you can't trust because they are unpredictable and not worthy of your trust is someone who can’t make a decision and stick to it.  If they are frequently uncertain of why they are making the decisions they are making after you question why they did something, can be a sign of lack of trust.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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