Shaving Cream Is A Powerful Stain Remover

October 4, 2018

ID 23071242 © Michael Gray | CO

There are many things inside a purse. Money, make up and hopefully a can of shaving cream.  It's not for an emergency shaving session.  Besides minimizing razor burn and rashes, turns out shaving cream is also a powerful stain remover. Thanks to the soapy and foamy nature of classic shaving creams, they work great for lifting up stubborn stains on everything from coffee stains to carpeting. It works especially well for getting makeup off of shirt collars. So adding a travel-size bottle of shaving cream to your purse may be a wise decision.  Just dab some shaving cream on a stain, blot it down and let it sit for 30 minutes. An overnight soak may be required for tough stains (like coffee) on a coarse material (such as carpeting). Shaving cream can also tackle food and grease stains in just a few minutes.  Just put a dollop of shaving cream on the stain, let it settle in, then blot away for foolproof spot removal on the go.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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