The Secret In Getting A Pay Raise

February 21, 2019

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One of the biggest challenges in your career is getting the pay you deserve. It also is one of the most difficult and stressful conversations to have with the boss. According to a financial expert, if you're stuck in a rut in your current role and in need of some more money, should grit their teeth and ask for the raise. However you should also be prepared to walk away from your job if your raise request isn't met.  But before you move on (you may really like your job), try and negotiate a higher salary. When asking for an increase, you should be able to back up your request with a note of past achievements and skills so to build a case for what you're worth. However only about 20% of men and 15% of women salary increases are granted, so don't be surprised if the boss initially says no. You can end this negotiating step by asking for a pay review in three to six months. This will do two things.  First, it will act as a trial period so you can showcase your skills and second, allow you to search for another comparable job. There are many ways peer-to-peer websites, such as, and where you can find out what those in similar positions make. If you find another job, it's best to negotiate your higher salary from the start. Keep in mind your potential employer is going to offer a lower salary from the start, so seek out what you feel is fair.  One of the best pieces of advice offered is to ask your future employer, 'When I've been here six months and I'm talking to my co-workers am I going to be upset at how much they're getting paid?' It can result in an instant salary bump and if you've done your homework, you will already know if the salary is indeed a good offer.  Now you are in the power position with your current job in securing your raise (if you still want to stay with your current job). Just remember it is always easier to find a new job when you currently have one!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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