The Secret For Beautiful Rose Blooms Is Garlic

July 30, 2019

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It's surprising how many people think that roses, perhaps because of their beauty, must be hard to grow. But roses are tough! You basically need two things to grow roses: sun and water and with fall approaching, you may want to plant roses to be the envy of your block because there's a hack that you can use to double the size of rose blooms.  Its' garlic! Ironically known as the "stinking rose," garlic's properties ward off the biggest threat to roses in Florida, black spot. Black spot is a fungal disease that can cause severe defoliation of affected rose plants and can shorten the life of rose bushes. Plus, Aphids, ants and snails aren't a fan of garlic, so by planting garlic next to your rose bushes can be an environmentally conscious way to ward off pests and disease without chemicals.  However you can get the same effect by spraying your rose bushes with concentrated essence of garlic. You can buy it from the nursery or make your own.  Take two full garlic bulbs, crush them and put it into a bowl. Pour a half a cup of boiling water over it, cover it and let it steep overnight. Strain it before you put it into a spray bottle so that garlic pieces won't clog the nozzle and enjoy rose blooms twice the size as your neighbors!

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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