The Correct Way To Eat A Triscuit Cracker

August 22, 2019

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How old are you when you found out the correct way to eat a Triscuit cracker?  Yes, we have come this far in life without the knowledge that eating a whole wheat-weaved cracker has instructions.  Well, not really but a tip has alerted the world that for maximum flavor, you should pay attention to how you eat it.  A Triscuit has one side with salt and the other has none and the Triscuit tastes better when you put it in your mouth salty-side down. That bit of salt is the first thing to hit your tongue when you place it in your mouth and sale opens up a world of flavor of anything it brushes. In fact, this rule is true for all foods and is a secret many chefs use. However the method of determining which side has the salt is a bit childish. Simply lick your Triscuit and taste for it.

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SOURCE: Men's Health

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