Scientists Offer A Better Way To Use A Toilet

January 28, 2019

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It's something that we all do but rarely like to discuss. However your bowel movement is an important indication of your overall health. For many straining, "incomplete emptying" and constipation are commonplace, even with a balanced diet. Recently there has been an increase of devise to help put your body in the correct position for a bowel movement called "defecation postural modification devices,” or DPMD. Probably the best-known one is called the "Squatty Potty."  Scientist wanted to know if these devices actually worked.  So researchers tracked the bowel movements of 29 couples of various health and physical activity for two weeks and found overall those who used a DPMD had an easier time with their bowel movements.  AN amazing 90% of participants say they strained less and 71% had faster bowel movements. Fewer users also reported feeling like they still had to go after using the bathroom. The modern toilet creates a 90-degree bend in the lower portion of your colon. The idea of Squatty Potty and other DPMD is that by placing your legs and feet higher up and decreasing that 90-degree angle, your colon straightens out and allows for a more natural position.  These kinds of devices may be worthwhile for healthy people, as well as those with persistent issues like chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome; they could also reduce the risk of straining-related problems like hemorrhoids. Still, more research is required to see how much of an impact they have on chronic conditions. Researchers stresses that people with gastrointestinal issues should also consult a doctor to rule out serious medical problems.


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