Fantasy May Have Come True With A Star Trek-Type Replicator

February 7, 2019

© Scott Utterback/Courier Journal

We may not have our flying cars as was promised when watching the cartoon series, The Jetsons, but another futuristic item from Hollywood may actually have made the jump from fantasy to reality. A team of scientists say they've created a 3D printer that uses light and synthetic resin to replicate any object. Yep, the famed food replicator from the TV show, Star Trek, has finally been invented! First, the printer scans a real object from different angles. Then, the printer projects that image into the tube of resin, which transforms into the object. Imagine being able to generate a perfectly cooked steak and lobster dinner on a whim, or if you suddenly desired a new phone, or television, or chair, or anything else you can dream up, and you could produce one instantly, seemingly out of thin air. Known as volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction, the technology is the first step into making another vision of the future a reality of today!

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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