Save Money On Your Student's Class Photos

August 24, 2018

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The new school year is in full swing and that means school photos just around the corner.  Even the rise in digital photography hasn't slowed demand for school photos with 96% of parents saying they want official school photos of their children.  However it can be easy to spend a hefty sum of money for those memories, so here are some tips on making sure you don't overspend on school photos. Make sure to scrutinize your order. Parents who have ordered school photos in previous years may notice that they’re often left with plenty of extra copies in the envelope. So instead of ordering a midsized or large package, it’s a better bet to order a smaller package and avoid the surplus. Parents who need additional photos can always order them at a later date. One way to cut costs may be to purchase a small package along with the digital download. That way you own the copyright, and you can email copies to friends and family. While prices vary around the country, you could expect to pay about $25 to $35 for the photo rights. If the costs are too high for a school photo, create your own school photo shoot with aspiring photographers. Photography students generally costs less (or nothing) and your student’s photoshoot may be the practice they need for their studies and you may end up with some great pictures. And don't worry that your child will get left out on school picture day. Generally all students get their pictures taken regardless of whether his or her parents order a package. The photo may then be used for a school ID or in the yearbook. While it might be tempting to scan a school photo and email it to friends and family, you shouldn’t do it because you don’t own the copyright. It’s stealing and most photography stores that are asked to make copies generally ask for a release form first.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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