Save Money On Ink Cartridges By Getting An Ink Reservoir Printer

March 6, 2019

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Among the great nuisances of modern life, few things irritate more than the high price of printer ink. The biggest complaint about printers is having to replace the ink cartridges too often. So to address this concern many printers are being built with an ink reservoir. It is in essence a large cartridge to hold ink, with many able to print up to two years before needing a refill of ink. Rather than spending $20 to $100 on a ink cartridge, you can buy a bottle to replace the ink for around $20. Of course an ink reservoir printer will cost you more upfront, with some coming in at hundreds of dollars but in the big picture, the operating costs will be substantially lower. But be on your toes when shopping for a reservoir printer. Some manufacturers only offer a proprietary ink-in-a-box replacement system, which will restrict you to only purchasing their ink replacements, which could add up to just as much as buying ink cartridges. It's not a bad idea to subscribe to an ink delivery service when purchasing a new printer. You'll be charged a monthly fee for ink refill bottles with many plans calculating your fee based on the number of pages printed monthly. Many new printers will use your Wi-Fi to automatically order ink when supplies are low making it beyond convenient.

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SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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