Save Money By Asking For A Christmas Tree Dud

December 6, 2018

© Ericlefrancais | Dreamstime

A Christmas tree ties your holiday decorating together.  With prices ranging from a few to hundreds of dollars they can be a costly addition in an already tough time for your wallet. If you’re willing to get a little creative with your decorating, however, there’s a very easy way around this issue, which is called "The Charlie Brown Method." Ask for a less than perfect Christmas tree; a dud! Ask if there are any imperfect tress that are having a hard time being sold. You can then work on securing a discount or the lot may give it to you for free! As for decorating around your tree’s aesthetic shortcomings, fill big holes with ornaments (perhaps larger ones) or string extra lights to fill it in. You could even fill holes with left over trimmings from other trees.  Either way, you'll have a Christmas tree without spending too much money!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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