Santa's Lazy Gnome Is A Laid Back Cousin Of Elf On A Shelf

December 10, 2018

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You got to admit, Elf on a Shelf has really help keep an eye on the kids so that Santa know if they need to be on the naughty or nice list.  But let's face it, Elf on a Shelf can keep you busy as you direct it all around the house. However, Santa's Lazy Gnome is much less involved. Just like the elf, the gnome is a smallish stuffed toy that keeps an eye on the kids and reports back on all behaviors naughty and nice. But unlike the elf, he is uninterested in anything that requires true effort, such as TP’ing your living room or gift-wrapping your banisters or even changing locations. He just sits and takes in the scenery. For a whole month. Santa's Lazy Gnome comes with an Argyle hat that appears to cover the eyes (but the Gnome can still see thanks to magic) and long, white beard runs down the face it the ground. All that you can see is a little, round nose. Lucky for you Sana's Lazy Gnome is ready to ship to your house as of Friday, December 14th at

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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