Safety Features You Should Opt For When Buying A New Car

August 23, 2018

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With Labor Day two weeks away it is becoming obvious that 2018 is coming to an end.  For car dealers that means they're under pressure to sell remaining current year models.  The good news for you is today's cars have more safety features than ever, however the features and gadgets offers can be overwhelming and knowing which ones are important and which ones are not necessary can be challenging.  So here is a list of the must-have car features and which ones you may want to take a pass on. On top of the list is automatic emergency braking, where the vehicle automatically applies brakes to prevent a collision or reduce the force of an impact. Another must-have is forward-collision warning that provides visual and/or audible warnings to alert the driver that a collision may be imminent. Blind-spot alert is a nifty feature that gives a visual and/or audible notification when another vehicle is in your blind spot to prevent a lane change that could result in an accident. Rear cross-traffic warning notifies you that an object, person or vehicle out of the rear-camera range could be moving into the car’s path. Items you may want to skip include bigger wheels.  While visually appealing, the larger circumference gives the vehicle a stiffer, less comfortable ride and can be more expensive to replace when damaged. Built-in navigation systems are costly and are unnecessary considering your smart phone already has mapping apps that should be able to connect to the vehicles entertainment system and easily provide directions. Rear entertainment units may sounds like good but a cheaper and portable iPad or tablet can provide the same entertainment and save you money. Finally, if you haven't been shopping for a car in a while, many models don't have the simple radio knob.  Look for a models with actual knobs as touch-screen-only controls are distracting to use when driving.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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