New(er) Car Must-Haves

March 13, 2019

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: Is 2019 the year you get a new car?  If it's been a while since you went car shopping for either new or preowned, you may be surprised on the new technology available that makes driving more convenient, safe and it's affordable. Safety ranks high on the list of many car shoppers so make sure your potential new(er) car has these must-haves. Automatic emergency braking will automatically apply the brakes on its own to prevent a collision, or at the very least soften the collision if impact can't be avoided. Also look for forward collision warning that gives the driver a visual and/or audible warning that a collision may be imminent. Blind spot warning systems should also be on your list. This system alerts you that a vehicle is alongside the car in a blind spot. Most late model vehicles have these available and in some models it is standard equipment. While the following items aren't something you should demand, they certainly make life easier, such as automatic high beams that switch your headlights to low beam when another car approaches.  Rear cross traffic warning works with your backup camera and alerts you if another vehicle, a person or object is approaching out of rear-camera range and could be moving into your path. Believe it or not many new cars are knob-less, making tuning your radio and selecting your A/C setting difficult and distract you from driving.  Look for the vehicle that have knobs that allow you to make those adjustments easily with taking your eyes off the road. Many new cars come with fast-charging USB ports to quickly charge your phone. Consider skipping vehicle models with bigger wheels and low-profile tires which often make the ride less comfortable and damage from potholes and curbs can occur easier. Also avoid built-in navigation systems because they generally require you to pay additional fees for update and rear seat entertainment systems as a tablet or phone are a relatively inexpensive alternative.

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SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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