Stop Jogging With Your Phone In Your Hand

October 11, 2019



Out for a run, it is certainly understandable to hold your phone. It contains your music and keeps you plugged in to the world and can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in an emergency situation.  However running with your phone in your hand is a really bad idea and not for the reason you'd first think about.  While the risk of you dropping it and its glass screen shattering is cause for concern, a running expert has warned that this particular habit may be leading to an epidemic of hip and shoulder injuries. It might seem trivial, but when you hold something in our hands, there are subtle knock-on effects to your gait. It creates muscular imbalances, affects the distribution of weight across your body, and makes you a less efficient runner in general and all of this means you’re more susceptible to strains, particularly in your legs. And as phones become bigger and heavier, an injury may be more of a reality than in the past. But instead of putting your phone in an armband, consider purchasing a waistband so that you r phone remains in the middle of your body rather than weighing down one side. By making one arm heavier, you’re altering the momentum of your limbs. And your body will attempt to compensate for the imbalance by working certain muscles harder than others.


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