App Recommends Bathroom Breaks For Long Movies

March 27, 2019

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Even through Avengers: Endgame is still a month away from being released (4/26/19 if you were wondering), it has been a topic of conversation as the Marvel Comic movie runs for an incredible 3 hours and two minutes!  That's a long time to sit, especially if washed down popcorn with a bottle of water or you've enjoyed the free refills on soda!  Perhaps it's time for you to download the RunPee app, which tells users the best spots to duck out for bathroom breaks during long movies. The app prompts you with a specific time, and dialogue, when to make your exit for the restroom. With over 1,300 movies in their database, the app gives you multiple opportunities per movie. Don't worry, the app is spoiler-free and for the new Avengers movie, it will be ready with pee times, in time for the premiere.  The free app is available for both Apple (DOWNLOAD here) and Android (DOWNLOAD here) devices. However the creator of the RunPee app has some advice on when to go when watching any Marvel movie.  Typically look for a scene that appears to lead up to a big battle. That way you can step out and take care of business without missing too much of dialogue.

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SOURCE: First Coast News

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