An Ingenious Way To Get Kids To Wash Their Hands Throughout The Day

March 16, 2020

© Alexander Raths | Dreamstime


There has been a few things we have learned since coronavirus (COVID-19) became common in our conversations.  Virus can travel quickly worldwide, toilet Paper is a hot commodity and we have not been washing our hands properly.  Although we have got the "Happy Birthday" washing method down, our kids may not.  An elementary school teacher in Missouri has come up with an ingenious way to make sure her kids are washing their hands throughout the day.  Shauna Woods has a custom stamp that reads ‘Mrs. Woods’, which she usually uses to stamp books in her classroom. When coronavirus had us focus on handwashing, she began stamping the backs of children’s hands, the idea being that if they’ve washed their hands properly throughout the day, the stamp will be erased. Students who have cleaned off the stamp by the end of the day get a prize. Her hack has been shared on social media more than 89,000 times.


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