This Company Makes A Roast Beef Scented Bath Bomb

September 14, 2018

© Charles Knowles Dreamstime

After a long, stressful day it's time to relax.  Pop open a bottle of wine, little relaxing music, light some candles and slowly immerse yourself in a bath that smells like roast beef!  While many bath bombs smell of citrus, flowers or woodsy scents, Gears Out sells the World Famous Roast Beef Sandwich Reality Bath Soak. The description states that you’ve had a hunger for relaxation all day long. Now, you can slip into a delicious new way to enjoy a French Dip! While you may shiver in horror of bathing in a tub of Au Jus, the bath salts are scented with brown sugar and fig. Apparently it is the latest food-inspired bath scents to hit the market. Bathesda Boutique regularly sells out of a pizza-scented bath bomb which smells like a hot slice of pizza.  Spas around the world offer treatments with beer, Chardonnay, blue corn, and even ramen noodles. The World Famous Roast Beef Sandwich Reality Bath Soak sells for $17.95 online

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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