This Website Can Single Out Fake Online Product Reviews For You

November 27, 2018

© Dmitry Rogatnev | Dreamstime.

An online review of a product can be a lifesaver but as we've discussed before, many reviews are bogus.  There are a ton of fake and paid reviews out there that muddy the waters a bit when it comes to getting reliable information about an item you’re shopping for. If you’re shopping on Amazon, the site Review Meta can analyze the reviews for a particular product for you and her you decide which ones to trust. To use the site, you just have to copy and paste the URL for the item in question into a search bar. If it’s analyzed the reviews for a product already then you’ll see results instantly. If not, then the site will do the analyzation right then, which could take a few minutes. You will then see the number of reviews Review Meta deems are true with a pass score. The site also looks into whether reviewers uses some of the same phrases, an indication they may have received a “script” from a company paying them for the review. It also looks at whether purchases were verified through Amazon, and whether they were created on a “high volume day” where a number of people reviewed the product around the same time, suggesting the reviews might have been part of some sort of campaign. The site also digs a little deeper and points out reviews it thinks you should read as well as those that are probably fake. CLICK HERE TO CHECK A REVIEW.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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