Is Reusing A Single-Use Plastic Bottle Safe?

January 22, 2020

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At some point, you've probably looked at that empty one-time use plastic water bottle in the backseat of the car and wondered if it's got just a little more life in it. You may even try to use it three, four or a dozen more times. But there's a price on those good intentions, especially when it comes to your health. It is becoming commonplace to know of the plastics that leach into the liquid you drink from the bottle. Last year, scientists tested 259 containers of bottled water and found tiny pieces of plastic in 93% of them. While plastic manufacturers are touting BPA-free bottle, the jury is still out on the BPA replacement is better or worse for your health.  While the World Health Organization categorizes the risk from drinking microplastics as "low," the more a single-use plastic  bottle is used, the more dings, dents and creases it gets and those nicks could increase the chances of chemicals leaching into the water. Then there is bacteria, which tend to hide in those dents and creases. The bottom line? If you really want to be a hero to both the environment and your body, reusing a plastic water bottle probably isn't a good idea. Instead, grab a stainless steel or glass bottle.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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