Switch To Reusable Produce Bags

May 22, 2019



A while ago you made the switch from one-time use plastic shopping bags to reusable tote bags. However you are still bringing home a lot of one-time use plastic bags that hold your fruits and vegetables.  While many grocery stores have switched out their clear plastic produce bags for the green-tinted biodegradable bags. However these are misleading.  In order for biodegradable bags to degrade, they need air, water and sunlight.  Current EPA guidelines for landfills is to block air, moisture and sunlight. But even if a biodegradable bag were able to degrade in an oxygen-free environment, they’ll emit methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide!  Not to  despair, there is a better way to keep your loose produce together and it is for you to use reusable produce bags. These eco-friendly, breathable drawstring mesh bags come in various sizes to hold everything from apples to zucchini and allow your cashier to accurately read the PLU codes.  Plus when you get home, instead of taking them out of a one-time use plastic bag, you can give them a good rinse right inside the bag.  And unlike plastic bags, they don’t rip or break open as easily as those flimsy one-time-use plastic bags, they're really durable and strong, last for a long time and most importantly, you won't be spending much of your shopping time figuring out which end of the bag is the opening.

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SOURCE: The Inventory

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