Warning That Diet Drinks Increase Chances Of Developing Diabetes

October 5, 2018

© Kirsty Pargeter | Dreamstime

There is growing evidence that drinking diet drinks and soda increases your risk of diabetes, heart problems, weight fluctuations, and even death. A new report found that just two weeks of high intake of low-calorie sweeteners was enough to significantly alter the make-up of bacteria in the gut. This changes the way the body absorbs and regulates blood sugar, the researchers said, which over time increases the risk of developing diabetes. The findings are particularly concerning because many people are at risk of diabetes, such as those who are obese or already have high blood sugar, use diet drinks and sweeteners. However some health experts warn these new results are not definitive and artificial sweeteners are a better alternative to sugar. But one obesity expert said the best option for a zero calorie drink is just water.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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