People Who Work From Home Feel More Guilty About Working Than Office Co-Workers

September 26, 2018

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There is something to be said about work efficiency when you gather your items from your desk and head home to complete them.  While a third of workers find it easier to focus while working from home and report numerous benefits, they feel that there’s a perception from the outset that they are slacking off, meaning they end up sending more emails to bosses than they would do while in the office just to prove they’re working. The survey of remotely connected workers found 36% of them suffered from pressure to appear “more responsive” when replying to emails, while 23% also felt pressure to work more hours – which took away more of their time than simply going in to the office. But even with all the added pressure to prove remote workers are working, 26% stated that they felt happier when working from home. Things like more flexibility in breaks, finding it easier to focus on tasks and eliminating the daily commute were all cited as reasons for ditching the workplace. A very honest 26% of workers also admitted to staying in their pajamas all day rather than bothering to get dressed.


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