Rely On Recipe Descriptions And Not Cooking Time

September 25, 2019

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Following a recipe will ensure whatever you are cooking will turn out perfect. Through most (if not all) of these recipes, you may have noticed they provide two pieces of guiding information: how long you should cook an ingredient, and what that ingredient should look like before moving on to the next step (or plating). This isn’t because recipe writers are actively lying to you. The number of minutes they prescribe for sautéing, searing, or simmering is probably based in reality, but you should use that timeframe as the loosest of guides. Ovens and stoves differ in temperatures and even using gas vs electric can change the cooking times.  However if you focus on the parts of the recipe that describe physical cues such as temperature, color, and volume, you can get to what the recipe author is aiming for and you will enjoy the food that much better.

SOURCE: Skillet

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